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Step forward out of your modern day room (through the wall... visualize Doorishness), and find yourself in a small village of the future - a future where we've learned how to live sustainably. 

As you explore, discover that a sustainable future isn't about sacrifice - it's about transformation of how we live, what we choose and where we seek Joy.

This experience is built for the Oculus Go.

The Team:

Beverly Aarons - Story, Project Lead

Daniel Lindenberger - Programming

Tim Gargiulo - Music, Sounds

Nabanita De - Programming, Voice Acting, Research

Geoffrey Smith - 3D Art


There's marvelous music & sounds that Tim Gargiulo made that didn't make it into this Game Jam version. We'll be adding these later.

Likewise, Geoffrey Smith made some cool models for us to use that didn't make it into this version.

There's also a functioning NPC system that allows rapid placement of new NPCs and a range of actions they can take based on various triggers.


climate_utopiav4.apk 94 MB

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